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Cazare si croaziere in Delta Dunarii, pe hotelurile plutitoare Anastasia 1 si 2

Un " cuplu " de 17 kg .

Un " cuplu " de 17 kg .



tibi crap de noiembrie 17 kg

tibi crap de noiembrie 17 kg

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Pike fishing in Danube Delta

Pike (esox lucius)

Number one predator fish of the Danube Delta also called “Sea Wolf” awaits it's pray perfectly camouflaged in sub aquatic vegetation. Its strike is lightning fast. The pike has a rapid growth rate reaching 3 years, and also sexual maturity, at about 800 g. The biggest pike caught in the Danube Delta had had 17 kg but frequent captures are between 2-4 kg. The ones between 6-8 kg aren't something rare.

Pike reproduction lasts from the beginning of February (with the ice melting) till the end of March. During this period pike fishing is forbidden in the Danube Delta.

Pike prefers clear waters with abundant vegetation. Lakes like Uzlina, Chiril, Onofrei, Taranova will guarantee a successful fishing.

There are periods when pike can be difficult to find because of high and murky waters (April – May) or abundant vegetation. The solution is fishing at Perisor in private precincts situated where the Danube meets the Black Sea.

Mentioning that the most efficient fishing method is with swinging twister we wish you "Tense line!".




Danube water level


Live fishing baits (Tulcea rond)

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